Group Reformer Classes – use online booking

When the studio is closed due to the Pandemic, we run two online Reformer classes for which you need to have your own reformer. These are Monday at 12.30pm and Friday at 11.15am.  These can be booked on our booking system under ‘classes’.  When the studio is open again, we will still run the Friday 11.15 as an online Reformer class.

When the studio is open as normal, the reformer class times are below:

10am, 7pm and 8pm

9am, 10am and 7pm

10am and 7pm

9am and 10am

9am and 10am

(online reformer at 11.15)

9am, 10am and 12pm

Mat Classes – use online booking


All our mat classes are now offered online.  We have a mat class every day, sometimes twice a day.  Take a look at our ‘classes’ tab on the online booking system to see the times of the classes.  They may vary on different weeks.

Private & Semi-Private Classes – use online booking. (These are also offered as zoom sessions, to book for zoom sessions, email

Monday to Wednesday
8am to 9pm

Thursday and Friday
8am to 2pm

8am to 5pm

Reformer Classes (55 mins) – use online booking

Mon 9am                tbc 10am           Julia   7pm             Charlie  8pm           Rika
 9am                 Lisa 10am           Lisa 7pm             Charlie
Wed 10am              Bonia 7pm             Anita
Thurs 9am                  Rika 10am         Markella
Fri  9am                Rika 10am                 Rika
Sat  9am         Bonia 10am       Rika   12:00am Beginner Anita

Private and semi-private sessions (55 mins) – book online for in-studio sessions.  For Zoom sessions, we have a whole diary and you can book via

Time Instructor Time Instructor Time Instructor
Monday 8am – 2pm Julia,Mike,Victoria 3pm – 9pm Charlie, Rika
Tuesday 8am – 2pm Markella, Julia 3pm – 9pm Victoria, Charlie
Wednesday 8am – 2pm Mike, Bonia, Victoria 5pm – 9pm Anita
 2pm – 5pm  Carla
Thursday 8am – 2pm Julia, Rika,Markella
Friday 8am – 2pm Carla, Rika, Mike
Saturday 8am – 2pm Rika,Bonia, Anita  1-5pm  Charlie
Sunday  Closed  Closed  Closed

The Pilates Clinic reserves the right to switch or change instructors from those listed, without notice to clients. (Due to illness or last minute reasons for a teacher not being able to arrive we will do our best to find a replacement rather than cancel)