Please note this important COVID-19 information:

-If you are feeling unwell or are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 please cancel your appointment immediately and let us know.

-If you arrive with noticeable symptoms, you will be refused entry and asked to leave.

-If you have been unwell, please allow at least 7 days with no symptoms before returning. Clinically extremely vulnerable individuals or those continuing to live with anyone deemed clinically extremely vulnerable should not engage in the class environment.

-If you become unwell after leaving the studio, you must inform us immediately on 07984 920 232 so we can follow our inhouse tracing procedure.

-Face covering are not compulsory for our setting but may of course be worn if you feel safer doing so.

-Please do not bring food or personal belongings into the studio other than your own water bottle and small handbag.

-Socks must be work at all times.

CANCELLATION POLICY: We have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy, regardless of the reasons for cancellation. After that we charge in full. If it is the day before your session but not yet in the 24 hour period, you may cancel only online or using the app. Cancellations by text, phone or email are only valid 2 or more days before the session, because we may only get to check these at night.

However,  there are options for you, and steps you can take to manage your risk.

– If you have a private session booked that you need to late cancel, your instructor will be very happy to move that session online for you so you don’t have to miss it, provided you do it in the same allocated time as the one you had booked to be in the studio. (This would not work for semi-privates or group classes, so you’d need to consider the next point for those session types).

– If you do not want to be charged for a late cancel, then you would be better off waiting until you know you can definitely make it and then booking sessions last minute on the booking system. It means that you would swing your risk to perhaps not being able to get a booking, but at least you steer your financial risk away from having to pay for something you could have to miss unexpectedly.

-If you late cancel a studio session because you are following government guidelines having just been pinged or told you need to isolate until tested, we would be happy to offer you a free space in any of our online mat classes that same week.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


Our COVID-19 Risk Assessment can be found below:

UK COVID-19 Risk Assessment



What are the hazards? Transmission of COVID-19
Who might be harmed? All Facility users
Next date of review: 31st Aug 2022
No. Controls Required Mitigations Further Action Required & By Whom
Facility Preparations:
1 An assessment of space capacities, venue circulation and layout planning to maintain social distancing The facility has been assessed based on size and space required for a safe and effective workout, according to Government advice and guidance and HSE Regulations, to help reduce the spread of Covid.


Equipment and room dividers have been specifically arranged to allow distance between individuals and allow individuals to move easily around the facility without having to pass each other closely.

2 Efficient ventilation to allow fresh air to flow throughout facility Windows and non-fire doors will always remain open to ensure continuous fresh air flow throughout the facility.
3 The venue has a daily cleaning strategy to minimise COVID-19 transmission risk Toilets and equipment will be cleaned, including objects and surfaces that are touched regularly, using appropriate cleaning products and methods.


At the end of each day, the facility will be cleaned throughout to ensure its ready for the next day.


Personal belongings will not be brought into the facility, other than a personal water bottle and keys and small hand bags.


It remains the rule that no shoes or food are allowed in the studio.  Shoes are to be removed and carried in.

4 Ensuring class session plans are designed to minimise risk/NHS burden as a priority consideration and transmission of COVID-19 Sessions have been planned to ensure the required maximum occupancy is not exceeded.
5 Instructors are aware of processes and how to maintain new facility processes to minimise risk All instructors at The Pilates Clinic have been trained and are aware of the risks that COVID-19 brings and have full authority to refuse entry to anyone displaying symptoms and feeling unwell.
6 Communications in place so that all individuals are aware of the control measures in place and how to act appropriately to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19 Regular communications are in place explaining the required new procedures when visiting the facility and reminded when they arrive for their session.
7 Steps taken to improve understanding of first aid provision under COVID-19 Guidance from St Johns Ambulance followed
Visitors to the Facility:
1 Individual guidance on face coverings is clearly communicated to avoid confusion Individuals are given the option to wear their own face coverings if they feel safer doing so, but it is not compulsory. This information is communicated with visitors at time of booking and on arrival if unsure.  This guidance comes from WHO with regards to exercise.
2 Provision of hand washing facilities with warm water, soap, disposable towels, and bin. Warm water hand washing facilities are also provided. Participants to be encouraged to carry their own sanitisers with them


3 It is made clear to visitors how to use the facility with signs, floor markings, clear movement routes to minimise risk. Individuals will be welcomed and directed around the facility by their Instructor.


After the session, individuals must leave swiftly to avoid group gatherings.


Instructors will provide advice and reminders to individuals where necessary.


4 Self-screening of individuals before they arrive to ensure individuals displaying COVID-19 symptoms or those who should be shielding do not travel or attend Booking confirmation emails ahead of the session explicitly state that if an individual has any symptoms of feeling unwell that they do not attend the session and remain at home until symptoms have passed.

It is also stated that if an individual arrives with noticeable symptoms, they will be refused entry to the facility and asked to go home or if necessary an ambulance will be called. Records will be made if this incident occurs.


5 Outline how participants who are returning to the environment from isolation due to suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 or other COVID-19 related reasons should be medically assessed prior to return No participant will return to the class for at least 10 days from the onset of symptoms and they must be at least 7 days with no symptoms. They will not be allowed back to the venue for at least 14 days from the onset of symptoms.

Individuals are made aware of this process at time of booking.

6 Agree a clear position on how participants who are deemed vulnerable or are in a household with vulnerable individuals interact with the environment, which must be in line with government advice on clinically vulnerable individuals.



Clinically extremely vulnerable individuals or those continuing to live with anyone deemed clinically extremely vulnerable should not be engaged in the class environment in line with current government advice.


Participants deemed ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ should continue to follow government advice. This currently includes maintaining ‘shielding’ and therefore, should not return to organised exercise outside of the home.


Individuals are made aware of this process at time of booking.


7 Should a known or suspected COVID-19 case occur in or after visiting the exercise environment ensure to trace and inform all potentially effected individuals who have visited the facility. Individuals are to inform the facility if they become unwell after visiting the facility so an in house tracing procedure can be followed.


Individuals are made aware of this requirement via various communications and reminded at their booked session.