Our lovely client Sarah has written about how Pilates has played its part in improving her bone density, and we, just like her doctor, think its remarkable!  Thanks for sharing Sarah.

“Three years ago I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in my spine and prescribed weekly Alendronic Acid medication , although my doctor emphasised that although the medication should prevent further bone loss, any real improvement in bone density would come from my diet and , crucially , weight bearing exercise . I was recovering from a broken ankle at the time plus had a few knee and back issues so started individual Pilates sessions with Lisa in the hope of sorting these things out more than anything . As my leg and core muscles strengthened and my various niggles went away I felt confident enough to up my exercise routine and started adding in cross -training sessions at the gym and , a few months ago added 3 mile runs once or twice a week which I hadn’t done for years . A couple of weeks ago my repeat DEXA scan showed a 4.5% increase in spinal bone density – my doctor was very pleasantly surprised and apparently I’m now in the normal range for a woman of my age (60)! I’m obviously thrilled and convinced that my sessions with Lisa and her wonderful team of instructors have been instrumental in tackling my Osteoporosis.”