Lisa Lamberti (BASI)

Extra training – Injuries and Pathologies;  Pilates Pre and Post Natal;  Foot bio-mechanics; Innovations in Pilates (deep stretching)

In 1996, Lisa completed her BComm degree (commerce), and began a career in project management. In 2000 she decided to make a career change to fulfill her wish to help people improve their lives through learning about their bodies.  She trained with Stott Pilates in 2000, and with BASI Pilates in 2004. During her years of teaching Lisa has continued to learn from many different methods of Pilates.

Prior to setting up the The Pilates Clinic, Lisa had a studio in nearby Southfields for 10 years.  Opening The Pilates Clinic Wimbledon in 2012 was a very exciting step in Lisa’s Pilates life: the culmination of years of learning, changing and dreaming, and the excitement of being able to offer clients and instructors a beautiful place to discover the wonders of movement, freedom and good health.

Lisa is humbled to be part of the prestigious BASI faculty, offering training in the studio to students on their journey to becoming BASI Pilates instructors.  Lisa is the Licensee for BASI Pilates in the UK and Ireland.  Click here for details

Carla Pereira (Polestar/BASI)

Extra training – Injuries and Pathologies, Pre and Post natal Pilates

Carla discovered Pilates in 2002 when she started university.  She decided then that she wanted to eventually teach Pilates. Carla has a degree in Physiotherapy and a post-graduate degree  in hospital Physiotherapy. In 2008 Carla did her first course in mat Pilates. In 2010 she became a fully qualified mat and equipment Pilates instructor through Polestar Pilates. Carlas experience also lies in caring for the elderly, massage therapy and global postural re-education.

Carla chose to work with Pilates, in line with her belief that physiotherapy is about movement. She believes that by treating people through the movement patterns of their body, they will learn how to move their body safely, which she believes is the best asset she can give someone who has been injured or who is trying to improve their performance.

Julia Pietersma  (BASI)

Extra training – Injuries and Pathologies, Pre and Post Natal Pilates

Julia is a Body Arts and Science Institute (BASI) Pilates instructor, born and educated in South Africa. She graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2010 with the degree in BA Human Movement Science. In her third year of her studies she was introduced to Pilates, and it was here that her passion for pilates started, and when she decided to study further.

Julia has worked with a diversity of injuries and enjoys seeing the development and improvement of her clients through Pilates. She enjoys meeting new people and sharing her enthusiasm for the body, which lead to her being accepted onto BASI faculty, presenting teacher training to new students.  She is extremely talented at this and loved by all who encounter her teaching.

Mike Scott  (BASI)

Extra training – Injuries and Pathologies, Pre and Post Natal Pilates

Mike, a great addition to our team, has a background as a fitness and spinning instructor, and as a sportsman.  He has a great knowledge of the body and how to get the most efficient use out of it in sports and in rehab.  Mike is comprehensively trained through BASI Pilates, and has also completed the BASI Injuries and Pathologies course.  Mike has great compassion as a teacher, and knows how to challenge, respect and enlighten whoever he is teaching. Mike grew up in Tanzania and was educated in the UK, subsequently studying international development and child welfare to Master’s level and working with international children’s charities and the UK government on a range of issues affecting vulnerable children.

From a fanatical sporting family, Mike played county schools’ rugby union, cricket and hockey for Somerset. Whilst studying at Warwick University and the School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), he played international rugby league for Scotland Students and represented London Skolars in the National Conference League. A disc injury took Mike away from rugby and into marathon running, cycling, triathlon, fitness and sports coaching and Spinning instructing. Through his love of sports and movement, Mike became increasingly interested in injury rehabilitation and the importance of a strong core and flexible body in achieving holistic strength and fitness. Mike enjoys the challenge and change felt in his own body in confronting and attempting to master the Pilates repertoire, as well as the joy of communicating this passion to others.

Markella Kefallonitou (BASI)

Extra training – Injuries and Pathologies;  Pilates for Dancers, Pre and Post Natal Pilates

Markella started her career as a dancer and dance teacher. She holds a BA degree in Dance Education and an MSc in Dance Science. During her dance training she was introduced to Pilates as a rehabilitation and body conditioning method, which she found very effective and complementary to dance training.

Initially, Markella got her Mat certification from Pilates Academy International in New York in 2009, followed by a Reformer certification from Ultimate Pilates of Greece in Athens in 2010. In 2015 she completed her comprehensive training in London, and she is now a proud BASI Pilates Instructor. She has also completed the BASI Injuries and Pathologies course and the BASI Pilates for Dancers course.
Markella specialises in dancers. She works with various dance companies, helping performers to improve their technique, strength, endurance and flexibility. Also, she has been teaching Pilates to a wide variety of age groups and populations since 2010. Being very passionate about human movement, she enjoys helping others to improve their daily quality of life through Pilates.
Markella is also part of the prestigious faculty of BASI Pilates, competently delivering education to those wanting to become Pilates teachers.  We are very proud of Markella, and those who are taught by her appreciate her deep talent and eye for detail.

Charlotte Webber (BASI)

Extra training – Pre and Post natal Pilates,  Injuries and Pathologies, Hypermobility specialist

Charlie has trained and qualified as a BASI Pilates Instructor. Born in the UK and educated in Australia, Charlie received a Bachelor of Health degree at University of Tasmania. She was first introduced to Pilates over 15 years ago as part of her ongoing rehabilitation programme to manage her hypermobility.

When Charlie is not teaching Pilates, she does the PR for global health & wellness brands.

Having been desk-bound for most of her working life, Charlie is passionate about helping clients find the tools they need to ensure better posture and is a strong advocate in her own office for getting people moving. Charlie enjoys keeping fit and you’ll usually find her trying out the latest fitness fad around various gyms in London. 

Understanding how it feels to be hyper mobile has made Charlie such a great teacher to those who struggle with this and people flock to her for her expertise in this field.

Rika Brixie (Pilates Therapy centre and BASI)

Extra training – Injuries and Pathologies, Scoliosis expert

The Pilates Clinic is very fortunate to have this very talented lady joining our team.  Her teaching skills and talent in her ability to read movement are what give us such inspiration when we watch her teach.
Rika is originally from the south of England, where she first discovered Pilates whilst training as a young dancer in the area, before moving to New York to study at the Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet. In New York, she began to implement regular Pilates classes into her training, recognising it’s potential for injury prevention and body conditioning. As a dancer with a scoliosis, Rika also found Pilates to be particularly beneficial in maintaining balance in her musculature and gaining control of her condition. Rika continued to practice Pilates over the next few years, whilst dancing professionally with Atlanta Ballet and, subsequently, Oklahoma City Ballet.
Upon retirement from her ballet career and returning to the UK, Rika began training to become a teacher at the Pilates Therapy Centre in Bournemouth, where she also worked for two years, using a combination of Pilates and therapeutic techniques in order to address a wide array of injuries and conditions. Rika completed her BASI comprehensive training and is excited to join the Pilates Clinic as a BASI instructor. She is very passionate about movement and feels honoured to be able to help people to integrate movement into their everyday lives.

Rika has written a course for Pilates teachers on how to teach those with scoliosis, a rather complex configuration to work with.  She delivers this course internationally, and it has changed many lives of those struggling with pain from the condition.  We love seeing a pained body turn into a joyful smiling one, and Rika certainly achieves that with her extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

Silvia Caponera (BASI)

– Extra training: Pilates for Pregnancy, Pilates for the Mature client, Pilates for Injuries & Pathologies

Silvia started her professional career as a business consultant, after completing her MSc in Economic Science.  Meanwhile her practice of various disciplines – classical ballet, gymnastics, Capoeira and functional training (among others), made her realize how essential Pilates can be for any type of mover in order to strengthen body awareness and discover their full potential.

Being completely in love with Pilates, she decided to shift radically in her career path and become a teacher. She qualified as a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher with Body Art Science International (BASI). Thanks to this course she was able to expand and perfect her repertoire of exercises by deeply exploring the many uses of the pieces of Pilates apparatus and of course the matwork.

Silvia has a beautiful energy and people feel happy and confident with her leading them.  She is intelligent and intuitive and clients will look forward to sessions with her.

Bonia Sarosiek-Groenendaal (BASI)

Extra training: Injuries and Pathologies, Pilates for Cyclists (APPI)

Bonia’s background is in Arts (she has an MA in Literature and a BAHons in Architecture) but she truly discovered her calling when she became a Pilates instructor. In 2004 she had an accident which left her with three prolapsing discs in the lumbar spine, chronic lower back pain and sciatica. Thanks to her friend and a personal trainer who introduced her to the Pilates method, Bonia’s journey diverted toward fitness.


Since then Bonia accomplished an Advanced Diploma in Mat Pilates with Future Fit (Level3), Reformer Pilates training with Polestar® and a Comprehensive training with BASI®. Apart from teaching Pilates, she is also a Spinning® Star 3 instructor, a TRX® suspension trainer and a Kettlebell instructor.  Bonia promotes Pilates to athletes to help them improve their performance and prevent injuries. 


Bonia teaches Pilates because she loves seeing people getting better – she believes Pilates brought her back to life and she loves spreading the message.

Kim Turney (BASI)

Extra training – Injuries and Pathologies, Pilates for Pregnancy, Pilates for the Mature client.

Kim trained as a comprehensive BASI Pilates instructor. Her rigorous training as a child gymnast meant that she has always had a passion for movement, and fell in love with Pilates instantly.

After various injuries it meant that Kim not only learnt the intricacies of human anatomy so that she could use Pilates to rehabilitate her own body, she also learnt what restricted movement felt like, which gave her a whole new perspective on the subject.

She enjoys the subtleties of Pilates and through continued personal practice tries to connect and deepen her understanding of the body and sensations that Pilates brings in the hope that her clients can be as passionate about the work as she is. She is a conscientious teacher and believes that Pilates will make you feel great no matter what your body.



Emer McCamley (BASI)

Extra training – Injuries and Pathologies

Emer discovered Pilates when advised by her Physio to begin taking classes to alleviate the pain she was experiencing. Once she began taking classes it was the first time she was pain free since the age of 14 after years of posturally induced pain, weakness and instability. From then on Emer’s love of Pilates has grown and led to her decision to leave her corporate job and follow her passion to become a Pilates teacher to be able to help clients the way so many of her teachers have helped her.
Emer is a fully comprehensive Pilates teacher trained by Body Arts and Science International (BASI Pilates) in London and loves to continually attend workshops and courses to keep furthering her education to enhance her teaching. Emer’s goal for her clients is to have them leave her sessions feeling better than they did when they walked in, pain free, and of course to enjoy themselves!

We are so proud of Emer, as she is pursuing her dream to become  Physiotherapist and going off to Uni, again!  She will help us cover shifts in her holidays, so luckily its not goodbye as we love her!

Lauren Brayshaw (BASI)

Lauren is originally from Warwickshire and grew up a passionate Equestrian, representing the county in three-day Eventing and Dressage. She was introduced to Pilates in her teens alongside Physiotherapy after struggling with back pain and injuries from  the sport over a number of years.

Lauren graduated from the University of Durham with a First in Politics (BA Hons) in 2009, and went on to pursue a career in sports marketing and sponsorships including English Test Cricket, the GB & England Women’s Hockey Team, the Women’s Hockey World Cup and the Epsom Derby. However, desk-based roles led Lauren’s back pain and injuries to resurface and she found Pilates the only truly effective way to lead a pain-free life.

In 2017 Lauren retrained as a Comprehensive Pilates instructor with BASI. As a result of her own experience, Lauren is passionate about the positive effect of Pilates and helping others to find a place for it in their own lives. Her goal is for clients to leave sessions feeling stronger, encouraged and understanding their body a little better than before.

Lauren is moving away so will just occasionally come to cover shifts when she can.  We will miss her cheerful talented presence.