Lisa Lamberti (BASI)

Extra training – Injuries and Pathologies;  Pilates Pre and Post Natal;  Foot bio-mechanics; Innovations in Pilates (deep stretching)

In 1996, Lisa completed her BComm degree (commerce), and began a career in project management. In 2000 she decided to make a career change to fulfill her wish to help people improve their lives through learning about their bodies.  She trained with Stott Pilates in 2000, and with BASI Pilates in 2004. During her years of teaching Lisa has continued to learn from many different methods of Pilates.

Prior to setting up the The Pilates Clinic, Lisa had a studio in nearby Southfields for 10 years.  Opening The Pilates Clinic Wimbledon in 2012 was a very exciting step in Lisa’s Pilates life: the culmination of years of learning, changing and dreaming, and the excitement of being able to offer clients and instructors a beautiful place to discover the wonders of movement, freedom and good health.

Lisa is humbled to be part of the prestigious BASI faculty, offering training in the studio to students on their journey to becoming BASI Pilates instructors.  Lisa is the Licensee for BASI Pilates in the UK and Ireland.  Click here for details

Julia Pietersma  (BASI)

Extra training – Injuries and Pathologies, Pre and Post Natal Pilates

Julia is a Body Arts and Science Institute (BASI) Pilates instructor, born and educated in South Africa. She graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2010 with the degree in BA Human Movement Science. In her third year of her studies she was introduced to Pilates, and it was here that her passion for pilates started, and when she decided to study further.

Julia has worked with a diversity of injuries and enjoys seeing the development and improvement of her clients through Pilates. She enjoys meeting new people and sharing her enthusiasm for the body, which lead to her being accepted onto BASI faculty, presenting teacher training to new students.  She is extremely talented at this and loved by all who encounter her teaching.

Mike Scott  (BASI)

Extra training – Injuries and Pathologies, Pre and Post Natal Pilates

Mike, a great addition to our team, has a background as a fitness and spinning instructor, and as a sportsman.  He has a great knowledge of the body and how to get the most efficient use out of it in sports and in rehab.  Mike is comprehensively trained through BASI Pilates, and has also completed the BASI Injuries and Pathologies course.  Mike has great compassion as a teacher, and knows how to challenge, respect and enlighten whoever he is teaching. Mike grew up in Tanzania and was educated in the UK, subsequently studying international development and child welfare to Master’s level and working with international children’s charities and the UK government on a range of issues affecting vulnerable children.

From a fanatical sporting family, Mike played county schools’ rugby union, cricket and hockey for Somerset. Whilst studying at Warwick University and the School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), he played international rugby league for Scotland Students and represented London Skolars in the National Conference League. A disc injury took Mike away from rugby and into marathon running, cycling, triathlon, fitness and sports coaching and Spinning instructing. Through his love of sports and movement, Mike became increasingly interested in injury rehabilitation and the importance of a strong core and flexible body in achieving holistic strength and fitness. Mike enjoys the challenge and change felt in his own body in confronting and attempting to master the Pilates repertoire, as well as the joy of communicating this passion to others.

Charlotte Webber (BASI)

Extra training – Pre and Post natal Pilates,  Injuries and Pathologies, Hypermobility specialist

Charlie has trained and qualified as a BASI Pilates Instructor. Born in the UK and educated in Australia, Charlie received a Bachelor of Health degree at University of Tasmania. She was first introduced to Pilates over 15 years ago as part of her ongoing rehabilitation programme to manage her hypermobility.

When Charlie is not teaching Pilates, she does the PR for global health & wellness brands.

Having been desk-bound for most of her working life, Charlie is passionate about helping clients find the tools they need to ensure better posture and is a strong advocate in her own office for getting people moving. Charlie enjoys keeping fit and you’ll usually find her trying out the latest fitness fad around various gyms in London. 

Understanding how it feels to be hyper mobile has made Charlie such a great teacher to those who struggle with this and people flock to her for her expertise in this field.

Rika Brixie (Pilates Therapy centre /BASI)

Extra training – Injuries and Pathologies, Scoliosis expert, Pre and post natal Pilates

The Pilates Clinic is very fortunate to have this very talented lady joining our team.  Her teaching skills and talent in her ability to read movement are what give us such inspiration when we watch her teach.
Rika is originally from the south of England, where she first discovered Pilates whilst training as a young dancer in the area, before moving to New York to study at the Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet. In New York, she began to implement regular Pilates classes into her training, recognising it’s potential for injury prevention and body conditioning. As a dancer with a scoliosis, Rika also found Pilates to be particularly beneficial in maintaining balance in her musculature and gaining control of her condition. Rika continued to practice Pilates over the next few years, whilst dancing professionally with Atlanta Ballet and, subsequently, Oklahoma City Ballet.
Upon retirement from her ballet career and returning to the UK, Rika began training to become a teacher at the Pilates Therapy Centre in Bournemouth, where she also worked for two years, using a combination of Pilates and therapeutic techniques in order to address a wide array of injuries and conditions. Rika completed her BASI comprehensive training and is excited to join the Pilates Clinic as a BASI instructor. She is very passionate about movement and feels honoured to be able to help people to integrate movement into their everyday lives.

Rika has written a course for Pilates teachers on how to teach those with scoliosis, a rather complex configuration to work with.  She delivers this course internationally, and it has changed many lives of those struggling with pain from the condition.  We love seeing a pained body turn into a joyful smiling one, and Rika certainly achieves that with her extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

Bonia Sarosiek-Groenendaal (BASI)

Extra training – Injuries and Pathologies, Pilates for Cyclists (APPI), Menopause

Bonia’s background is in Arts (she has an MA in Literature and a BAHons in Architecture) but she truly discovered her calling when she became a Pilates instructor. In 2004 she had an accident which left her with three prolapsing discs in the lumbar spine, chronic lower back pain and sciatica. Thanks to her friend and a personal trainer who introduced her to the Pilates method, Bonia’s journey diverted toward fitness.


Since then Bonia accomplished an Advanced Diploma in Mat Pilates with Future Fit (Level3), Reformer Pilates training with Polestar® and a Comprehensive training with BASI®. Apart from teaching Pilates, she is also a Spinning® Star 3 instructor, a TRX® suspension trainer and a Kettlebell instructor.  Bonia promotes Pilates to athletes to help them improve their performance and prevent injuries. 


Bonia teaches Pilates because she loves seeing people getting better – she believes Pilates brought her back to life and she loves spreading the message.

Laura Teahan (BASI)

Extra training – Injuries and Pathologies; Pre and Post natal Pilates, Dance conditioning with Pilates

Laura is a Body Arts Science International (BASI) certified Pilates instructor and is originally from Leeds. She started her career in Musical Theatre and upon graduating from the London School of Musical Theatre, went on to perform in the UK, West End and Internationally. Laura was introduced to Pilates during her dance training and quickly began to recognise the huge benefits it had on injury prevention and body conditioning. Pilates taught her how to understand her body and the way it moves and it’s safe to say she hasn’t looked back since!
Laura has completed the BASI Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies course and is excited to soon be taking the BASI Pilates for Dancers course – 2 areas she is particularly passionate about. She loves how Pilates can be adaptable for everybody and every body and is excited to work with clients on their individual goals. She believes that education and understanding is the key to getting the most out of your sessions and her goal for her clients is to enjoy themselves, whilst deepening their understanding of their bodies and their movements.
Prior to working at The Pilates Clinic, Laura was the UK Pilates Lead for Virgin Active UK and she feels honoured to now be part of the team at The Pilates Clinic!

Lisa La Marca (BASI)

Extra training – Injuries and Pathologies

Lisa was first introduced to Pilates around 18 years ago having spent over 10 years having treatment for an injury which she incurred whilst training as a dancer. Lisa was left with a weakness in her lower back having slipped a disc. Pilates helped Lisa to increase her strength and mobility both in her lower back and core allowing her to be pain free for the first time in years.
Having worked for over 20 years within the Advertising and Fashion industry Lisa finally decided to retrain as a Pilates Instructor with BASI Pilates UK in Wimbledon, where she has been a client of Lisa Lamberti’s since she opened her first studio in Southfields.
Lisa loves teaching Pilates because she loves helping and working with other people. She believes that Pilates has helped her both physically and mentally and wants to share her passion and enthusiasm with clients to show the positive effects and benefits that Pilates can provide.

Along with Pilates Lisa is also an Illustrator which is another huge passion of hers. She is now able to combine the two and was so privileged to be commissioned to illustrate all the instructors at The Pilates Clinic.

Melissa Hetherington (BASI)

Extra Training – Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies, Pilates for Pregnancy and Beyond, Pilates for Scoliosis, Dance Conditioning with Pilates, The Power of Aging.  Workshops; Pilates for Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Hypermobility, Shoulder Mechanics,Triathletes and Children

Melissa was born in London and her passion for movement began age 3 years. She performed as a contemporary ballet dancer for 19 years and is sure it was pilates that prevented injury during her physically challenging career. Melissa was also a teacher of dance technique for 10 years but decided to retire from her dancing profession in 2019 to pursue her long-term interest in functional movement. She completed Pilates mat work training in 2020 then continued with equipment training and certified as a BASI Comprehensive Instructor with BASI UK (Body Arts Science International) in 2021. Identifying ways to strengthen both her own physical practice and well being, Melissa loves to get people moving to the best of their ability. She loves the precision and power of pilates knowing small changes have big impacts. She coaches all different populations and abilities from dancers and triathletes to those who just want to move better or have pathologies and rehabilitation needs.

Joanne Grant-Eatock (BASI)

Extra Training – BTEC Level 5 in Sports & Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy, Rock Tape Doc, Level 3 Advanced Specialist Diploma in Mat Pilates (Future Fit), Advanced Personal Trainer Certificate, Pilates for Orthopaedic Conditions, Pilates with Small Equipment, Peak Pilates Level 1 Instructor, Exercise to Music Instructor, Level 3 Training and Education, Level 3 Compliance Training Instructor, Resistance Training Instructor, Weight Management and Nutrition Advisor (Haven’t included all quals).

Jo is a Body Arts & Science International (BASI) Certified Pilates Instructor currently based in the historic town of Amesbury, the home of Stonehenge in Wiltshire.

Jo joined the British Army at the age of 18 years as a Driver Radio Operator in 1994. Trained as a Military Physical Training Instructor at the age of 19 years old and became hooked on physical activity, training and helping others achieve their goals. Jo had a very successful military career spanning 24 years. Completed operational tours in Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Whilst serving in the military Jo trained as a Pilates Teacher, Personal Trainer, Sports & Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist, Exercise to Music Instructor, Compliance Training Instructor and completed many other qualifications that she has used to help and guide people to move better.

Jo has owned her own multi-disciplined clinic in Amesbury and continues to work alongside Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Sports and Complimentary therapists in the Amesbury, Salisbury area. She also owns her own indoor fitness bootcamp and teaches Pilates local to the Amesbury area.

Throughout her career Jo has used her knowledge and experience to recover from several severe back injuries, disc herniations and ankle and knee injuries. Jo continues to use this knowledge to assist others recover from injury, build confidence and find their way back into exercise, Pilates and movement.

We are so excited to have Jo come up to share her expertise with us every Saturday and she is very excited to be part of TPC team and looks forward to helping others benefit from exercise and movement.

Clara Hollants Van Loocke (BASI)

Extra training – Dance conditioning with Pilates

Clara is deeply passionate about Pilates and moving in general. Having been a professional Ballet dancer, movement and the body have become a second language.

Clara began practicing Pilates 13 years ago as recommended by her ballet teacher. At the age of 16 she joined Central School of Ballet in London for professional full time dance training. From there Pilates started to form an integral part of her everyday life.
Pilates was a vital part of Clara’s training and professional career on stage, strengthening her whole body and preventing injuries. Clara danced with Teatrul de Balet Sibiu in Romania and Oklahoma City Ballet in the USA where she was lucky enough to perform in ballets such as ‘Swan Lake’ and ‘The Nutcracker’.
Unfortunately, due to overused tendons she had to undergo two ankle surgeries and had to spend a lot of time in rehabilitation. Despite not being able to dance during that time she expanded her own personal understanding of the body and fell in love with Pilates even more, this led her to complete her training with BASI. Initially Clara started with her Mat qualification. However, after a year of teaching matwork and experiencing the joy of helping people move better and feel better she decided to complete her full Comprehensive training and feels excited to expand her knowledge and delve in further to the Pilates world.

Aldona Karpiuk (BASI)

Aldona is an enthusiastic advocate for promoting an active lifestyle and thoroughly enjoys connecting with individuals. Her captivating journey with Pilates started right here at The Pilates Clinic.

“Driven by a pure curiosity to explore something new, I booked introductory sessions with Julia, which happened to be one of the most rewarding decisions I could have made for myself. Pilates became and instant love affair from the very first experience!”

Aldona was deeply impressed by the impeccable professionalism and the wonderful guidance she received in her sessions, which led her to delve deeper into the teachings and principles of BASI. This exploration ignited a profound interest in the complexities and dynamics of the human body. Inspired by this newfound passion, she wholeheartedly embraced the Basi methodology by enrolling in a Comprehensive Teacher Training Course. Fully aware of the demanding journey ahead, Aldona understood that commitment and relentless effort were essential, for nothing worthwhile comes without dedication!

Today, as a proud graduate of BASI, Aldona is thrilled to share her genuine love for Pilates with you. She deeply values constructive feedback, as it serves as a tool to craft a training program that supports you on your unique journey towards accomplishing your personal goals.

Japke Delicado (BASI)

It is a privilege to have Japke as part of our team here at the Pilates Clinic.  Her strong rehab focus and experience will serve us well, as well as her deep intention to help others get strong and fit and feel good!

Japke is a firm believer that movement can change ones life. She has participated in a variety of sports from a young age and narrowed it down to competitive swimming as a teenager. She competed at university level, where she then furthered her love for movement by completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Movement Sciences and Physiology followed by a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Biokinetics and has been gaining professional experience in this field since 2018.

Japke has had the privilege of working closely with Orthopaedic Surgeons, General Practitioners and Physiotherapists to help with the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries. She has done extensive work with different University and High school sports teams, helping them with strength and conditioning as well as rehabilitation.

Because she believes in leading by example, Japke spends a lot of time in the gym with her husband, teaching spinning classes and spending time outside doing anything active.

“Pilates has enriched my life by opening a new way of moving and controlling my body. The way it forces you to think about every single movement is a beautiful skill that can be beneficial to everyone. It’s functional, challenging and adaptable. I want to use my knowledge to empower people and to add quality to their lives.”

Susi Dale (BASI)

Extra Training and CPD – Ante and Post Natal Pilates, Pilates for Menopause, Pilates and the Pelvic Floor, Pilates for Hypermobility, Pilates for Scoliosis, The Power of Aging

Susi started teaching exercise in 1993 while taking a year out from academic study. Fast forward 30 years and those studies are still on hold! During her three decades in the wellness industry, Susi has worked as an instructor, studio manager, personal trainer, therapist and ultimately as a senior manager.

She took her first Pilates class in 1998 when introducing it into the studios she was running at that time. A regular practice developed later when she discovered how Pilates helped manage symptoms of low back pain that started during pregnancy. More recently, Susi has also found that her practice provides essential support during perimenopause. Aside from the many physical benefits of exercise, she appreciates the mindful aspect of Pilates, recognising the restorative value of an hour of concentration on movement and breath.

Susi sees a regular Pilates practice as one key to maintaining strength, mobility and overall wellbeing into later life and is passionate about sharing the many benefits of Pilates with her clients. She has experience teaching a broad range of populations including those with back pain, hypermobility disorders (including EDS), pregnancy and menopause and has a particular interest in healthy ageing.

As well as being a BASI comprehensive Pilates teacher, Susi is also a certified massage therapist, reflexologist, NLP master practitioner and coach. Having many years working alongside a large team of physiotherapists, osteopaths and other accomplished therapists, Susi is committed to her ongoing learning and development and loves helping others.


Markella Kefallonitou (BASI)

Extra training – Injuries and Pathologies;  Pilates for Dancers, Pre and Post Natal Pilates

Markella started her career as a dancer and dance teacher. She holds a BA degree in Dance Education and an MSc in Dance Science. During her dance training she was introduced to Pilates as a rehabilitation and body conditioning method, which she found very effective and complementary to dance training.

Initially, Markella got her Mat certification from Pilates Academy International in New York in 2009, followed by a Reformer certification from Ultimate Pilates of Greece in Athens in 2010. In 2015 she completed her comprehensive training in London, and she is now a proud BASI Pilates Instructor. She has also completed the BASI Injuries and Pathologies course and the BASI Pilates for Dancers course.
Markella specialises in dancers. She works with various dance companies, helping performers to improve their technique, strength, endurance and flexibility. Also, she has been teaching Pilates to a wide variety of age groups and populations since 2010. Being very passionate about human movement, she enjoys helping others to improve their daily quality of life through Pilates.
Markella is also part of the prestigious faculty of BASI Pilates, competently delivering education to those wanting to become Pilates teachers.  We are very proud of Markella, and those who are taught by her appreciate her deep talent and eye for detail.

Kendra Neethling (BASI)

Extra training – Injuries and Pathologies 

Originally from South Africa, Kendra made the move to the UK with her husband in 2018.  She has always had a passion for movement and holistic wellbeing and, as a Qualified Occupational Therapist, Kendra decided to enhance her skill set further by qualifying as a BASI Pilates Comprehensive teacher. 

Kendra’s interest in helping and supporting individuals with functional movement and a balanced lifestyle has subsequently lead her to completing the Injuries and Pathologies Course run by BASI, numerous workshops and she is excited to be participating in the Pregnancy and Beyond Course in July. 

Since qualifying Kendra has loved working with busy individuals who are motivated to create space within their lives in support of their health and wellbeing. She feels privileged to be part of the Pilates Clinic team and supporting individuals with functional, intentional movement.

Carla Pereira (Polestar/BASI)

Extra training –pre and post natal, diastasis recovery, osteoporosis, scoliosis, hypermobility, elderly population, injury rehabilitation, movement and fascial training.

Carla has over fourteen years of Pilates experience, with a grounding in both Contemporary and Classical Pilates and holds a postgraduate degree in physiotherapy.
Carla chose to pursue a career in Pilates because of its dynamics and diversity of exercises, as well as the physical and mental challenge it provides. She first looked into Pilates as a treatment for her back pain and as a way to stop being sedentary.
As a physiotherapist, movement has always been Carla’s favourite working tool, for both rehabilitation and injury prevention. She believes that the best asset you can give to someone who has been injured, dealing with pain, or trying to improve their performance, is the ability to move without pain or discomfort, with ease and minimal effort. And that’s exactly what Pilates does!

Sheriya Clement-Pascall (BASI)

Sheriya is a dancer and actor who loves to move her body. Sheriya started off teaching barre classes and became increasingly interested in the Pilates element to the workouts. This encouraged her to take a few mat Pilates classes and Reformer classes. After gaining her exercise to music qualification, she then looked to getting her Pilates certification with Body Art & Science International ( BASI ) Comprehensive course. Her aim is to always find strength, balance and stability in the body, while lengthening and connecting body and mind. 

‘There is something so beautiful about seeing a client finally finding the connection to their body through movement’

When Sheriya is not teaching she is working in the creative arts and transferring her skills as a teacher.

If you get to have Sheriya for a session you are in for a treat, she is a fun, compassionate and highly articulate lady, and we are excited to have her.

Anita van der Geest (BASI)

Extra training – Injuries and Pathologies and Pilates Through pregnancy and beyond

Anita fell in love with exercise and movement whilst studying Philosophy, Politics, Economics at Oxford university, where she also participated in college rowing, dance, gymnastics and aerial arts. She started assisting instructors and found a new passion leading her to qualify as a studio instructor, where her fitness and Pilates journey began.
Anita is fascinated by the body – how it moves, adapts and transforms, working together with the mind. She is excited by the precision of Pilates and how it has impacted herself and her clients’ training. Keen to continue her learning, she trained as a Comprehensive Pilates instructor with Body Arts & Science International (BASI), and enjoys taking courses and workshops on a variety of topics by renowned teachers.
She believes Pilates can benefit people from all walks of life and is excited to work with clients on their individual goals from rehabilitation and performance improvement to increased strength and mobility.
Outside the studio Anita has a corporate career in financial services.  We are delighted to have such a talented teacher join our team.

Victoria Gibbs (BASI)

Extra training – Injuries and Pathologies and Pilates Through pregnancy and beyond, Pilates for the mature client, Optimising shoulder mechanics

Since discovering the benefits of Pilates, Victoria (Tor) hasn’t turned back. As an avid runner and exercise enthusiast, with a desk-based job, Pilates helped bring strength, balance and enhanced mindfulness to her daily life.

After over a decade of working for the UK Government, in 2019 Victoria decided to retrain as a Pilates Instructor, with BASI Pilates UK in Wimbledon.

She has always loved to work with people, and is excited to share her love of Pilates and the positive effects it can have, whilst continuing to deepen her own understanding and learning.

Although Tor is fairly new to teaching Pilates, we jumped at the chance of taking her in as one of ours, because she is exceptional and we know she will do very well.

Roxy Morgan (BASI)

Extra training –  Hypermobility, Injuries and Pathologies and Pre and Postnatal Pilates

Movement has always been an important part of Roxy’s life.  She danced for many years as a young girl and into her teens, training in classical ballet, tap and jazz. Roxy began practicing Pilates in her twenties after discovering her hypermobility and sustaining several injuries.  She found that the continued practice of the method helped her to maintain strength, stability and flexibility in her body – she truly believes that movement is medicine!


After her love of Pilates developed, Roxy decided to deepen her knowledge and undertake the BASI Pilates Teacher Training Programme.  She has also completed further advanced training in hypermobility, injuries and pathologies and pre and postnatal Pilates.  Roxy is passionate about the method and loves to teach and share the benefits of Pilates with others.


Roxy has also spent over a decade working in the fashion and beauty industry and combines teaching Pilates with working as a hair stylist (of which the long hours spent standing have helped to emphasise to her the importance of correct posture and rectifying muscle imbalances!)

Corey Annand (BASI)

Extra training –  Pilates for Scoliosis

Corey is a professional dancer and Body Art Science International (BASI) certified Pilates instructor.

Corey started practicing Pilates at the age of 9 at the Royal Ballet School associate program. Each class started with Pilates exercises before moving onto classical ballet training. The focus on conditioning the body to help prevent injury and prepare the body for the demands of classical ballet from such an early age, really instilled the importance of caring for your body right from the beginning of her journey to becoming a professional dancer.

After graduating from Elmhurst School for dance in 2012 at 19, she moved to Copenhagen to perform the lead role in ‘The Nutcracker’. Since then she has performed in various widely acclaimed productions both in the UK and internationally before deciding to study to be a Pilates teacher.

Pilates has, and still is, guiding Corey through her career. Allowing her to push herself to new heights pain free, despite a scoliosis and various minor injuries along the way.

Corey believes Pilates is the key to understanding your own body and how to work with it, so as to be able to live a pain free life no matter what your fitness goals or vocation.

Corey is a very talented teacher and we are very lucky to have her to fill in for us when she’s not on stage!

Jennifer Foster (BASI)

Jenny is trained and qualified as a BASI Pilates instructor who was born in Canada. From a young age Jenny keenly pursued activities such as hiking and canoeing, cross country and athletics alongside her main passion, ballet. It was while involved in dance and teaching fitness classes that she discovered Pilates and fell in love with it. Upon completing a degree in the History of Art at the University of Toronto Jenny moved to the UK in 1997 to complete a Master’s degree at UCL. After a few years working happily in the art world at a major auction house and gallery and then having a family, Jenny’s passion for movement led her to train as a Pilates teacher.

As someone involved in dance and sport throughout her life Jenny is fascinated by the way Pilates encourages a mind/body connection that can be transformative bringing bodily strength and mental well-being. As someone who has had to cope with injury-causing hypermobility Jenny has experienced first-hand how Pilates can transform the body away from instability and pain towards long term strength and functional movement. Jenny strives to improve as a teacher by continuing her education. She loves working with people; she is inspired to share her love of Pilates with clients of all ages and abilities, to support, challenge and inspire them to attain their fitness goals through the challenge and beauty of Pilates.