This is a kind testimonial written by John, a client of ours who we love and adore!


My Experience with Pilates and Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS)

” After 25 years of living with Ankylosing Spondylitis I had my first session at the Pilates Clinic. It felt like a wonderful new system to manage my difficulties, I was genuinely thrilled. 5 years later, Pilates and the Pilates clinic have made a huge difference to my quality of life.

I was diagnosed with AS at 24 but had symptoms since I was 19. As the years went by I thought I was doing well in managing my condition.  In retrospect my diagnosis led me to accept an unnecessary amount of pain and loss of mobility.  I exercised, managed my weight and stretched regularly. I also had frequent physiotherapy which gave me limited relief.

In my mid 40’s the boundaries of my pain free mobility were closing in. I often woke up during the night with what felt like knives in my back. Mornings are especially painful for AS sufferers and mine were becoming very difficult. For the first time I was beginning to worry about my future mobility.

The Pilates Clinic had recently opened and was less than a 10 minute walk from my house. I signed up for 2 private introductory sessions.  From my first roll down on a cadillac I felt how effective the techniques were in mobilising my spine. As the sessions and weeks went by much of my pain began to dissipate.

Pilates equipment helps joints move through ranges that would otherwise be too painful. The attitude and professionalism of those at the Pilates Clinic is also encouraging. Each session is adjusted to how you are doing currently. Detailed records of your classes are kept. They are shared between instructors needed so a balanced approach to your sessions is achieved.

The Pilates focus on the core has been effective in significantly reducing my back and hip pain. My sciatica has all but disappeared.

AS flares up occasionally and at these times Pilates has been especially helpful. The frequency and severity of my flare ups are almost zero now, 5 years ago I was beginning to be in a permanent flare up.

Whilst I’m not cured the Pilates Clinic and Pilates has become foundational to my wellbeing. I encourage other AS suffers to give it a try and push back against their pain. “