Pilates exercises to improve mobility in people with multiple sclerosis (MS)

We have a wonderful lady who comes weekly for sessions and she suffers from multiple sclerosis MS.  She has written us this piece:


” I am relatively lucky in that my MS has progressed very slowly over many years and, in my early 70s, I am still comparatively mobile.  It started forty years or so ago, probably triggered by hormonal changes during pregnancy.  It mainly affects my limbs, particularly my legs where I have lost a fair amount of sensation and muscle tone.  Sometimes they feel very heavy and this can affect my stability.

I have been doing Pilates at The Pilates Clinic every week now for about four years.  Undoubtedly it has helped me.  In particular I feel that my balance has improved.  My core and leg muscles are stronger which obviously helps.  I also like the holistic approach to all areas of general flexibility and bodily strength, so that overall coordination is improved.

Like everything in life, Pilates is only as good as the Instructors teaching it.  I have confidence in the teaching I receive at The Pilates Clinic which, for me, is an essential pre-requisite.  My personal philosophy is that a positive, can-do attitude is a major contributor to general wellbeing, and a critical component of managing my MS.  I enjoy my sessions at The Pilates Clinic, which are tailored to my condition.  Time passes quickly and I feel stretched afterwards. “