To book online, /see session availability/ or to pay for sessions, click on any of the ‘Book Online‘ links around the site. It will open up a separate window so that you can move between the website and the booking site as needed.  See below for some step by step instructions of how to book/pay/cancel/reschedule. Thank you!


3 Red Studios, Elm Grove, SW19 4BX

To book online – Go to Click on ‘book online’. A new window will open, looking like this. In the top right, login, or if this is your first time, click on ‘Create account’

Once you have clicked on ‘Create account’ you will see this screen where you can choose to login using Facebook, or create an account using your email address.

Once logged in you can go to the ‘Classes’ tab and select a class to book (it will only book successfully once it has been paid for).  This is only for group reformer and group mat classes, not for Private or Semi Private sessions.

To book private or semi-private sessions (if it is your first time you can’t book semi privates, you have to start with privates), click on the ‘Appointments’ tab and select private, or semi private.

Once you have selected that, you get to refine your search by teacher, dates and times.  Once you find a time, you can book and pay to secure the booking.

To check your personal details use the ‘My Info’ tab.  Here you can see what is booked by clicking on ‘My schedule’ and if you need to cancel, click ‘cancel’ next to the session in question.

To buy sessions or classes, click on ‘Online store’ and select the type of session you want to buy from the dropdown menu.

If this is your first time and you are booking a private session, select ‘Initial 2 private sessions’ to get your introductory discount.